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AV. JOSEP Mª BOSCH I AYMERICH S/N · Tel: 972891760

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Services Sercotel Abrigall Hostel

Among its many amenities, the Sercotel Abrigall Hostel offers various services such as the "XUP XUP" buffet restaurant; a disco; TV, games and reading lounges; parking (including bus parking); a bar; and a professional youth entertainment service that will make both young and old have fun as never before.
We'd like to highlight our specialtylounges, equipped with: TV, Projectors, Screens, PA system, DVD players, among other necessary electronics (for holding meetings, playing games, undertaking a variety of activities...).
In the reception and information area of the Sercotel Abrigall Hostel you can consult our tourist advice services at any time: know what route to take, or where to shop, play sports, take in the culture of the area, enjoy local gastronomy, and so much more.

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  • Cafeteria
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Discotheque
  • TV room
  • Reading room
  • Play room
  • Access for disabled people
  • Bus Parking
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