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The Jaraba municipal area, in the Calatayut region, is located in an environment that has been declared an area of touristic interest in Aragón. It is known for the reservoirs filled with medicinal mineral waters, the best ones in Spain, and from there it gets its Arabic name that means 'an abundance of water'. With a population of 350 people, the Jaraba village is located by the river bank of the Mesa river, and only a few kilometres from the Guadalajara province. The natural environment is unique, one of the main attractions in the area, and offers a stunning landscape: the Mesa river canyon, the Hoz Seca cliffs... an ideal environment for those who wish to enjoy hiking and at the same time discover the rich flora and fauna in the region. Jaraba also has a rich historical and cultural heritage, from the Sanctuary of the Virgin and the Church of Our Lord's Transfiguration to the cave paintings at Roca Benedí.

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Input - Balneario Serón Sercotel Hotel
Room - Balneario Serón Sercotel Hotel
Restaurant - Balneario Serón Sercotel Hotel

Balneario Serón Sercotel Hotel

Afueras s/n - Jaraba

Welcome to the Sercotel Hotel Balneario Serón, a three-star hotel in the middle of Jaraba, Zaragoza, a region known for its thermal waters with medicinal properties.

Enjoy a unique natural environment near Calatayud, ideal for ...

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Room - Sercotel Hotel Balneario Sicilia
Jacuzzi - Sercotel Hotel Balneario Sicilia
Health resort - Sercotel Hotel Balneario Sicilia

Sercotel Hotel Balneario Sicilia

Ctra. Calmarza Km 1 - Jaraba

Allow us to present the Sercotel Hotel Balneario Sicilia, located in Jaraba, Zaragoza, a unique environment surrounded by thermal pools of great purity and nature.

Discover the magnificent landscapes that surround the hotel, the small ...

First Class Collection

From 82.69€ taxes included Visit the hotel