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Laguardia is a town located 64 km south of Vitoria belonging to the so-called Rioja Alavesa, a land of wines whose production becomes the main economic activity. The population, with 1,500 inhabitants, is located on a hill and still retains the medieval story which has grown since ancient times. for maximum flavor to everything he has for you this earth, Seroctel Hotels offers you your hotels in Laguardia .

Take deals in Laguardia Sercotel Hotels offers and visit the monastery of Santa María of Kings construction attributed Templar. It is recommended that the Church of St. John of Romanesque and Gothic conclusion or the arcaded Plaza Mayor.

If you continue to visit people, go to the House of the premiere or the Convent of the Capuchins. And it starts from the hotels in Laguardia Sercotel Hotels the many food and wine routes in the area. Be surprised by the scenery and enjoy all the opportunities we offer accommodation Sercotel Hotels, where your stay will be just perfect.

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Sercotel Villa de Laguardia Hotel

Paseo San Raimundo, 15; H.VI-00383 - Laguardia

The Sercotel Villa de Laguardia Hotel is a 4-star hotel designed to offer you a relaxing stay in an astounding natural setting. Set among the vineyards of the region, this hotel in Laguardia offers you ...

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