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In the region of Alfoz de Burgos, Castilla y León, is the town of Rubena with less than 200 inhabitants. The village is situated 10 minutes drive from the center of Burgos and is a important centers of communication by road linking Portugal, France and the capital of the Spanish State. Many of the pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela crossing the streets. and that's where Sercotel Hotels has with hotels in Rubena .

We offer the best deals in Rubena to have, to a single step, the enormous pull of Burgos, but from the comfort of this small town. The town is located next to the Interpretation Centre the Fields, located next to the Atapuerca .

The Archaeological Museum of Burgos, the city's Cathedral and the Museum of Human Evolution are some of the sights of the provincial capital. Everything will be at your fingertips from hotels in Rubena Sercotel Hotels , where our staff will ensure that you stay as pleasant as possible.

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Room - Ciudad de Burgos Sercotel Hotel
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Ciudad de Burgos Sercotel Hotel

Ctra. de Madrid a Irún, Km 249 - Rubena

The Sercotel Ciudad de Burgos Hotel is a 3-star hotel located ten minutes from the centre of Burgos . It's in an important communications hub linking France, Portugal, Madrid and the Mediterranean. The area is ...

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