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The city of Salamanca is one of the Spanish cities with the most international prestige during the Middle Ages. It has the country’s oldest active university and one of the oldest in Europe. A city with an incredible artistic legacy, forged by architects and sculptors of great talent, Salamanca is an ideal city for tourist visits. This is why Sercotel Hotels offers its hotels in Salamanca .

We have the best hotel offers in Salamanca so you can visit the Old 12th century Romanesque Cathedral, as well as the New Cathedral, begun in the 16th century but with a purely Gothic style. Visit the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca , the Convent of San Esteban and the Casa de las Conchas .

We at Sercotel Hotels will provide all the necessary services to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Spend a few unforgettable days by staying at our hotels in Salamanca , the city on the Tormes River and the capital of culture, whose university accommodated illustrious figures such as Hernán Cortés, Columbus, St. Ignatius Loyola or St. John of the Cross.

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Sercotel Hotels Highlighted in Salamanca

Artheus Carmelitas Sercotel Hotel

Paseo Carmelitas, 67 - Salamanca

8.4 Excellent
The hotel is very close to the Convention Centre

First Class Collection

From 18.4 EUR

Sercotel Las Torres Hotel

C/ Concejo Nº 4 - Salamanca

8.8 Excellent
Destinos Ciudad - Sercotel Hotels

First Class Collection

From 51.0 EUR
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