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Tortosa: The extensive city of Tortosa, Tarragona is strategically located in Tarragona, in the south of Catalonia, in the region Bajo Ebro - an important agricultural, commercial and industrial center. Tortosa was declared a Historic-Artistic site, it is considered to be one of the most extensive lands of Tarragona, with a vast historical heritage over two thousand years old. Tortosa is the capital of Bajo Ebro, it has a privileged location in Mediterranean land, at a distance of around 200km from Barcelona, Valencia, and Zaragoza. In Tortosa you'll enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and its average temperature between 13 and 22 degrees. You cannot miss the special charm of Tortosa, the Renaissance city, its landscapes, the cathedral, the museum, the Prince´gardens, the center of the Holy Week interpretation, the Jewish Tortosa, the center of tourist accommodation, as well as its cuisine.

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