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Ecuador is a very diverse country. Its beautiful landscapes, in addition to the interesting cultural heritage found in its cities, are the best representation for this tropical destination in the Pacific Ocean. The colossal Andes Mountain range that extends throughout the west of South America, divides the country from north to south, cultivating the different regions and affording a great amount of biodiversity, turning it into one of the world’s greenest areas.
Let yourself be seduced by this incredible destination and discover the age-old culture that is constantly evolving. You will fall in love with Ecuador at first glance. Discover the beauty of the architectural wonders found in the cities and catch the contagious happiness of the locals. Their hospitality is iconic as they are always excited to show you around the more hidden places of the country. They will invite you to try the typical dishes at the traditional food stands found in the city centers.
If you seek a different kind of holiday this year with your family, partner or friends; then we recommend the best hotel in Ecuador for immersing yourself in the culture and tradition that will leave you awestruck at every step. Relax and enjoy the excellent services we offer at our establishments whilst you discover the natural beauty of this continually-evolving country.
Ecuador is not only known for the incredible landscapes of the Andes Mountain Range and its beautiful islands, but also for being home to a city declared a Cultural Heritage City by UNESCO. This comes as no surprise as the impressive old district of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is easy to fall in love with. Some of the main attractions of the charming cities and villages are the traditional markets that sell typical Ecuadorian clothing and dresses. Another main attraction of this beautiful country in the Pacific Ocean, is the delicious cuisine.
Ecuadorian cuisine is truly a pleasure to try. This beautiful country is known for its wide range of soups with roasted meat, bananas, fish; such as trout and camotillo, and legumes as the main ingredients. Try the traditional onioned fish soup, guatita (tripe), cheese empanadas (pastries) and fritada (fried pork). We guarantee you will love them! Discover Ecuador through its delicious typical cuisine.
The innate allure and beauty of this vibrant country makes it an unbeatable destination for romantic getaways. If you are looking for a hotel in Ecuador for your honeymoon, then we have the best place for you to relax in luxury, in an elegant and private setting in the midst of the breathtaking Ecuadorian capital. You and your partner are sure to fall head over heels with the delightful natural parks, beautiful wild coast and the lively and colorful traditional parties that are celebrated in the cities and picturesque villages.
Ecuador is a place to discover in small steps. Enjoy a different kind of vacation in South America and discover the wealth of cultural found in every one of Ecuador’s cities and villages. Explore all of its most interesting landmarks and try its wide range of delicious local cuisine on your vacation. Discover the allure and incredible natural beauty of this continually-evolving country! The charm and luxury you are looking for can be found in our 4-star hotels in Ecuador. Come and enjoy the vacation of your dreams!

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