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In the middle of the dense tropical jungle, 300 km from the coast of Cancun, lies the sunny capital of the Yucatan state. Popularly known as the white city, this is a place of contrasts, where Mayan civilization and colonial architecture gave rise to what we now call Mérida. Start by getting to know the old town from one of the most elegant hotels in Mérida. With its historic streets, picturesque markets and glistening tropical sky, this is an amazing destination that will keep you awake at all times. If one also considers the richness and diversity of the Mexican culture, it comes as no surprise that Merida has been chosen twice as the Culture Capital of America.

Thanks to its central location in the Yucatan Peninsula and the numerous national and international flight connections, Merida is the perfect place to visit for its nature reserves housing a diversity of fauna and flora, archaeological sites of the region recognized by UNESCO, and charismatic places like Izamal and Valladolid (which are part of the Magic Towns program). The possibilities are endless. Rent a car to go exploring on your own, take a bus to the outskirts or join one of the many organized tours in the city.

Start from the hotel in Merida, Yucatan, and head to the historic center which is part of the legacy of colonial architecture of the city. You can visit nearby landmarks such as the Plaza de la Independencia (also known as Plaza Grande), take a picture of the majestic Cathedral of Merida and visit the Church of Jesús de la Tercera Orden, constructed by the Jesuits at the end of the 17th century. You’ll also find the Casa de Montejo, a restored XVI century mansion that now serves as a museum, exhibition center and space for cultural events.

If you ask the locals, they will be quick to tell you that Merida is one of the safest cities in Yucatan and also one of the most beautiful. Walk its cobbled streets and marvel at the hospitality of its people, who are mostly of Mayan descent. At the boutique hotel in Mérida, you will also get a taste of the Merideño hospitality, as its staff is always on hand to give you all the help and support you need to continue discovering this amazing city.

In more recent years, the aging of the city has attracted many artists and investors who have settled in Mérida to restore buildings that are deteriorating and give them back their charm. As the capital and cultural center of the region, Mérida boasts a variety of museums, art galleries, restaurants, theaters and shops. Delight in the exquisite cuisine of Yucatan and its unique dishes with Mayan roots that use some ingredients from Spanish cuisine. Make sure you do not leave without trying the cochinita pibil, the papadzules or the lime soup. If you crave something for dessert, you can try the popular papaya dulce. And finally, do not forget to visit the place where all good food begins: the local markets. The Santiago Market and the Lucas de Gálvez Market are two of the places where you can find everything from fresh food to a variety of handicrafts and traditional Mexican fast food dishes.

With the hotel in Merida in the city center as your starting point, you can make short trips to visit other places near the city. Some of these places are: Celestun Reserve, an important protected biosphere that is a sanctuary for pink flamingos and is a migratory route for other bird species such as the albatross and osprey; Uxmal and Dzibilchaltún, two archaeological zones of ancient Mayan urban centers that have a variety of temples and elements of their ancestral mythology; or the circuit of the municipality of Homún, 55 km from Mérida, which contains a large number of cenotes and underwater caves that will simply leave you speechless.

With a privileged location in the city and an excellent offer of amenities and services, start preparing in the hotel in Mérida to make the most of your vacation in the capital of Yucatan. Make your reservation online at the official website and get the best price for your hotel in Mérida with air conditioning. Come and discover firsthand why this place has earned the nickname of the white city. Allow yourself to be seduced by its warm colonial atmosphere and experience its lovely people, direct descendants of the Maya.

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