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On a Galician plateau, covered in greenery, lies Lugo , Galicia's oldest provincial capital. It was founded in 25 BC on a Celtic settlement with the name of the god Lugh. Some theories uphold that the city's name comes from its old denomination. Others maintain that it comes from the word 'Lucus', which means 'clearing' or 'sacred wood'. Whatever the real reason is, it's certain that in this place marked by age-old tradition, Sercotel Hotels has a chain of hotels in Lugo , in which you can spend a few wonderful days in the city.

Lugo has a Roman wall – conserved in its entirety – dating back to the end of the 3rd century. In 2000, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city also has various tourist attractions that Sercotel Hotelshotels in Lugo recommend visiting. These are the 'Palacio Episcopal', the 'Convento de San Francisco' and the 'Plaza del Campo'.

If you want to hold your events and business meetings in the city – or you'd just like to spend a few days in the city – Sercotel Hotels offers you the best hotel deals in Lugo , so that you have all our services at your fingertips. And so that you get to enjoy a unique setting.

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