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Segovia is a Castilian provincial capital whose southern region borders the Community of Madrid. Its name means “victory city or fort” and it was given to it by its founders of Celtiberian origin. Segovia's cultural heritage is vast, rich and extensive; this is why Sercotel Hotels provides a network of hotels in Segovia , so that you can explore the whole city and discover hidden gems around every corner.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we have the best hotel offers in Segovia , so that you can visit the magnificent Roman aqueduct, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1985, along with the city’s Old Town. We particularly recommend the Segovia Cathedral and the Alcázar.

We at Sercotel Hotels , will make sure you have no excuses for visiting this Castilian capital. You’ll have our hotels in Segovia at your disposal, all equipped with the necessary features to help you enjoy the city to the fullest. We do our best so that when you return to the hotel, you can have a deep and restful sleep. Have a safe journey.

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