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Soria is a capital of Castilla located on the banks of the upper course of the River Duero. This city offers a wide and varied historic and monumental legacy. The city, with time, has managed to grow and adapt to the modern times while retaining the essence of Castilian culture and tradition. So you may discover it for yourself, Sercotel Hotels suggests you stay in one of its hotels in Soria , from which you will have access to the capital’s main monuments.

To make the most of the city’s attractions, we provide the best hotel offers in Soria and we recommend you visit the San Pedro Cathedral , the Church of San Juan de Rabanera and the San Saturio hermitage. If you prefer civil monuments, we at Sercotel Hotels recommend you visit the Plaza Mayor (main square) and the Condes de Gómara Palace .

Sercotel Hotels offers the best hotels in Soria , where you will enjoy your stay to the fullest. The city will display all its attractive historic monuments and we will provide the best services to make you feel at home, cared for and comfortable.

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