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Situated in sunny Andalusia, the Almeria province perfectly combines historical beauty with modern charm. Among the tourist attractions, shopping malls and magnificent museums, this province offers various inputs for each type of traveler, especially when searching for hotels in Almería.

The Alcazaba is probably the most famous and visited tourist attraction in the region's capital. The name of this magnificent ancient fortress comes from the word al-qasbah or fortified city. The Alcazaba’s construction began in 995 when Almería was named medina by the Caliph of Cordoba. This fortress was intended to be the seat of local government, so houses, squares and a mosque were also built within its system of walls and defensive towers. There are a total of three walls, built at different times and for different purposes. The first enclosure was built as a refuge for the population in times of extreme danger. The second was the governors and their families residence, while the third and most recent was commissioned by the monarchs Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón to create the safest city area.

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Perched on a Alcabaza ‘shill north, there is a second fortified structure, the San Cristóbal Castle. The hill today is called Cerro de San Cristóbal, but was once known as Laham in the Muslim era. The hill is surrounded by ancient ruins of protective walls built in the 11th century. Of the seven towers, you will see three square built by Muslim architects and four semicircular built by the Templars after the conquest of the city by Alfonso VII in 1147. The castle was built as a Muslim military fortress and today is a historical ruin protected by national heritage laws. This is a great place to learn about the history of Almeria and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

You can't leave without visiting the anti-aircraft shelters. These shelters are a testimony of the inhuman conditions that the population of Almeria endured during the Spanish Civil War. From 1936 to 1936, the city suffered up to 52 bombardments from air and sea. Air raid shelters were able to protect approximately 40,000 civilians. These shelters saved and preserved many lives in a time of conflict.

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Almeria's beaches are among the most popular along the Spanish coast. The best known coasts are the beaches of southwest Poniente and southeast Cabo de Gata. Although these beaches attract many tourists and locals, it is still possible to find quiet stretches of sand in the crowd. Cabo de Gata's beaches are more rural and wild.

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Avda. del Mediterraneo 311 (R.T.A.: H/AL/00107, Almería, 4 estrellas) - Almería

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