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If you want to enjoy the beach and sports near the sea you should definitely visit Gijón. The city is well connected with Oviedo, Avilés and the rest of the coastal towns. We recommend you to stay in any of our hotels in Gijón where you will be able to easily move around Asturias, an authentic natural paradise.

However, this city with an unpronounceable name for certain foreigners, keeps in its interior places of historical interest, charming walkways, and one of the most important beaches on the Cantabrian coast, San Lorenzo beach. This beach is almost like a Plaza Mayor, given that the city centre begins there. Nearby, you will find a vibrant promenade with lots of terraces where you can enjoy beautiful views. San Lorenzo Beach is an ideal place to relax under the sun during the summer. Locals and visitors love to spend some time near the beach, go for a walk and take advantage of the wild waves of the Cantabrian sea and go surfing.

After a well-deserved rest in any of our hotels in Gijón, Asturias you can walk around San Lorenzo beach. Nearby you can see the Santa Catalina Hill, which was crowned by Elogio del Horizonte with a concrete statue made by Eduardo Chillida. From there, you can take amazing photographs of the coast and the city.

Discover Gijon’s nature and gastronomy

We suggest your next stop to be Cimadevilla neighbourhood. It’s a very special place in Gijón with a palpable marine essence. In addition, it is full of restaurants where you can eat delicious cachopos (veal with cheese, ham, and breadcrumbs) cooked with the best cider from Asturias. It is also a party area if you are looking for a fun night in Gijón. If you want to go shopping, ten minutes from Cimadevilla you will find the bustling street named Corrida, a pedestrian avenue full of shops.

What to visit in Gijón and the best places of interest

However, in Asturias it’s good to have a plan B due to its constant changing climate and most likely unpredictable. On a rainy day, after your rest in our hotel in Gijón, Spain you should be aware of the many activities that the city has to offer. It’s not all about the sun and the beach! For example, you can visit the site-museum of the Roman Baths of Campo Valdés, located near the Cimadevilla’s neighbourhood. Also, you can admire an exhibition of the remains of the Roman baths and further understand how Gijón was built.

If you travel with children, another fun option is to go to Gijon’s Aquarium, where you can admire the beautiful animals that live there. This Aquarium is very special because it reproduces marine habitats from all around the world like the Cantabrian, the Atlantic, the cold seas and even the coral reefs. On the other hand, the Railway Museum is also an interesting option for the little ones. They will be fascinated by the impressive railway machinery that it preserves, a symbol of Asturias' industrial history.

Apart from the cultural institutions, Gijón has interesting places that you can explore on a walk. The Universidad Laboral is an architectural complex that shouldn’t be missed during your visit to Gijón. It was built between 1946 and 1956, as of today, it’s the largest building in Spain where you can find a theatre, a conservatory, a university, a science park and also the headquarters of the Public Radio Television of Asturias. We would add to the list an obligatory visit to San Lorenzo’s church and the botanical garden where you can find about 2,000 species of different plants.

You already know the best places of interest that you should visit during your stay in Asturias. If you are traveling by car, book at any of our convenient hotels in Gijón with parking and move around town easily during your vacations. Get ready for a great time during your holiday with Sercotel Hotels!

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