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Córdoba is a jewel and a fusion of three cultures; its delighting smell of orange blossoms makes it even more special. The city itself will enchant you as soon as you visit the old town full of art and history. If you want to further discover the city, we suggest you stay at our central Sercotel Selu Hotel a few steps from the central Plaza de las Tendillas, where you will find different activities to do every day.

Discover Córdoba, a World Heritage Site

Córdoba has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO three times. Its great Mosque-Cathedral obtained this recognition in 1984, a protection that was extended to almost all its historic centre years later, in 1994. Finally, in 2012 its Fiesta de Los Patios Cordobeses obtained the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

If you travel to Córdoba, you cannot leave without visiting its beautiful Mosque-Cathedral, considered one the best monuments of the Islamic West. Based on the current aspect of the Mosque we can conclude that it was built during the Omeya period during the year 785 by Abderramán I. Later on, it was transformed into a cathedral with the construction of an interior temple during the time of Charles I. Also, you must not miss its iconic forest of horseshoe arches and its charming Patio de Los Naranjos (orange trees). You can get to this monument easily, enjoying a beautiful walk from your hotel in Córdoba city centre.

Meanwhile, every May the city becomes a floral explosion with the celebration of the Festival of the Patios in Córdoba. If you go to Córdoba during the spring, you will be amazed by the wide variety of Andalusian patios profusely adorned with thousands of flower pots surrounding every corner. However, the rest of the year you will also be able to appreciate these lovely spaces. In addition to the patios that you'll find throughout the old town, the perfect place to immerse yourself in these Cordoban corners is the Viana Palace; it has 12 examples from different historical eras.

Do you want to discover the best of Córdoba?

Apart from the Mosque-Cathedral and its courtyards, Córdoba has many more places that should be visited. Also, its history has been influenced by the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures over the centuries. For this reason, Córdoba has unique places where it’s easy to travel to the past with imagination. Stay in our hotel in Córdoba, Spain and visit the Jewish area nearby; here you will find a beautiful synagogue from the XIV century still standing and the Baths of the Caliphal Fortress.

It’s a great idea to visit the Capuchinos square during the evening and contemplate the Christ of the Lanterns popularized by the great singer Antonio Molina. Later on, you should visit the fountains and ponds of Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos where you could watch a striking water show with lights and sound.

Afterwards, we suggest you dine in any of the most typical taverns where the essence of the Andalusian gastronomy is concentrated and full of flavour. We recommend you to try the most popular tapas in Cordoba, including aubergines with honey, stewed oxtail, and flamenquines (Iberian ham with pork loin coated with egg and breadcrumbs). Delight yourself with a salmorejo (purée consisting of tomato and bread) or ajoblanco (cold soup made of bread, crushed almonds and garlic) and finish your gastronomic experience with a glass of fino (dry wine).

Visit Medina Azahara from Córdoba

As you may know, the climate of the cities in the south of Spain is enviable for its great temperature during the summer. For that reason, we recommend you book with Sercotel Hotels a hotel in Córdoba with air conditioning. Nearby you will be able to visit Medina Azahara, located just 7 kilometres from the capital. There, you will be able to admire the remains of the palatine city that the caliph Abderramán III ordered to be built on the outskirts of Córdoba in the X century.

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