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Huesca is full of magic, nature, and history; definitely a place you must visit when traveling through Spain. In this city, you can taste great gastronomy, visit the ancestral squares and admire the one of a kind landscape scenarios located one hour away from the Pyrenees.

Come and visit this wonderful city and feel like you are at home when you stay at any of our hotels in Huesca. We offer you comfortable rooms and a wide range of services to enhance your experience with Sercotel Hotels.

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This town is ideal to enjoy from an interesting cultural heritage and practice outdoor activities with your family or to disconnect from work. The impressive Santa María cathedral located in the historic centre has always been the icon of Huesca due to its gothic style; it also highlights a portal flanked by 14 stone sculptures. Next to this building and near the cloister, you can find the diocesan museum, where you can find an important collection of sacred art that is very interesting for those who love spiritual art.

You can also visit other important mystical buildings of the Baroque style, such as the churches of San Vicente Real, Santo Domingo and San Martín, the Basilica of San Lorenzo or the church of San Pedro el Viejo and its cloister.

Wander through the streets of this beautiful town and let yourself be involved in the hospitality of the people and some of its millenary corners, like the Muslim wall that surrounds the old town. This wall was used as a defensive system: it had 100 towers and a perimeter that measured 2,000 meters. As of today, the popular tower of Amparo and the door of Montearagón, known as the Porteta, are still conserved.

One of the Aragonese jewels from the modernism is the casino in Huesca, the former headquarters of a social club created in the XIX century. Its facade is similar to a castle and it makes the Plaza of Navarra to stand out even more. The interior is simply spectacular: it has a sensational lobby, a beautiful main staircase and the well-known Red and Blue rooms. Cultural activities are celebrated here, such as concerts, presentations and more.

Discover a beautiful city in Aragón and book in any of our hotels in Huesca, Spain. One of our buildings is located quite close from the historic centre and has convenient facilities for your optimal rest.

Do you like nature? Visit Huesca’s beautiful parks

If you like green spaces, we recommend you to visit the Miguel Servet Park, where you can observe different species of fauna and flora. You can also explore the University Park or the Olas Park and enjoy beautiful trails, fountains, and lakes. It will be a pleasure for your senses!

If you are traveling with children, there are many attractive options in the towns nearby. We are sure they would love to visit the cave of Las Güixas and go underground to see bats and all kinds of spectacular rock structures. Another option is to spend the day at a ski resort nearby or go to La Aventura Amazonia Pirineos; a park where children will have a great time with zip lines, tree games and other fun activities. If you happen to be traveling by car, we suggest you enjoy all of this near our conveniently located hotels in Huesca with parking.

Discover Huesca’s Gastronomy

You will taste a wide variety of delicious recipes such as chilindrón chicken (cooked with pepper and tomato sauce), lamb a la pastora (roasted lamb), trout, migas a la pastora (fried breadcrumbs), garlic soups, or the roasted ternasco (young lamb) among many others. This cuisine is very rich in vegetables, legumes and game meat dishes.

If you prefer sweets, you must try the Trenza de Almudévar (braided pastry), las Campanas (bell shaped traditional cookies), la Coca de Nata (traditional bread with whipped cream in the middle), the Tarta de Loreto (pie), the Russian Cake or the unbeatable Castañas de Marzapán (chestnuts covered in chocolate or caramel).

Do not miss the opportunity to spend a few days in this beautiful city and discover its landscapes, monuments and its delicious cuisine. Book in any of our hotels near Huesca, Spain and enjoy the best assistance during your holidays.

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