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Linares has a great mining history in its past. Throughout the city we can find mining vestiges. The first thing we recommend is the museum of mining interpretation. It is a free museum that allows you to know the history of the city through models, photographs and other elements. The 19th century was the peak of mining in the area with the lead extraction, but there are archaeological remains that make us think that they were extracted since Roman and / or Carthaginian times. On the other side of the museum is also the Madrid old train station, a 19th century representative building of Linares city.

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Once you have visited the museum, we encourage you to visit some abandoned mines nearby. There are several routes to different mines, but almost all of them date from the 19th and 20th centuries. There you can see washbasins, old power stations, abandoned cars, rusty shovels and buckets...

One of the city's most historic buildings is the Marquises of Linares Chapel. It dates from the 20th century and has a Neo-Gothic style. Inside there is also a crypt, with a mausoleum made of bronze and marble where the ancient marquises are buried. The first thing that will catch your attention in the chapel are the high white arches. The lighting comes from some impressive chandeliers and in some of the old rooms we can see very old objects used in the past.

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Linares can be a good intermediate point to know other interesting surroundings. You can move to Jaén and discover its castle and cathedral (about 30 minutes). At the same distance is also the Despeñaperros natural park. Despeñaperros is one of the most impressive natural parks in Spain. It's worth coming over and seeing the incredible views in any small town. A little further is Granada (about 1 hour).

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    Santiago 3 - Consejería de Turismo y Deportes: H/JA/00625 - 23700 - Linares

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    Elegant and sophisticated 4* hotel in the center of Linares

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