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Gran Canaria has an incredible biodiversity, both above and below sea level, so let yourself be carried away by diving to see an impressive marine life. Enjoy manta rays or sea turtles, or admire the extraordinary colours of fish and crustaceans found in El Cabrón marine reserve. If you are a true adventurer, discover the shipwreck in Puerto Mogán or the La Catedral underwater caves. The turquoise waters of the islands couldn't be more attractive, with a year-round temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Give it a try and visit the island by staying at an hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In Maspalomas, you have an incredible 8-kilometer-long white sand beach with colossal dunes stretching 3.5 kilometers inland. You can walk the area, go horseback riding or even rent a bicycle, but something out of the ordinary is a camel ride. The camel's long legs make them go at a different pace, slower and calmer. The Maspalomas promenade is the ideal place to see a dreamy sunset and if you are lucky you will see the artists working the sand and making real sculptures.

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The Caldera de Bandama is a crater that will evoke you to prehistoric times. With a diameter of 1,000 metres and a depth of 200 metres, this impressive crater was formed some 1,970 years ago. It is a long walk so we recommend that you wear good boots and lots of water. In the tour you will see lizards, cactus, eucalyptus and orange trees. You can get supplies at a nearby golf club, but we recommend that you try the local wine.

Roque del Nublo is the highest point on the island at 1,813 metres above sea level. From there you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of the island from the top of the peak, but the real lunar landscape is the real attraction.

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The Pozo Izquierdo coast is home to some of the most impressive waves in the world. Sit on the sand and watch as the surfboards and sailing boats sail or if you want to try it out, consult the local surf schools which will make your start much easier. With a little practice you'll be standing up and sailing. However, you'll find the experience addictive, so be sure to wear more than one swimsuit.

The Pintida Cave Museum is built around an archaeological excavation site dating back to pre-Hispanic times. There is an elevated walkway that allows you to look down and back in time to the Palaeolithic era. The cave paintings are also worth a look as they provide a fascinating insight into the types of symbolism and iconography used by the indigenous aborigines long before European colonization.

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