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Mieres is a town very close to Oviedo Asturian (15 minutes drive) and Gijon (20 minutes by motorway), just 25 minutes we found the ski resorts also Valgrande Pajares and Fuentes de Invierno. Mieres is located in the center of Asturias, just halfway between the beach and the mountain pass.

The contrasting landscapes of Mieres, as the Cradle Valley and the Valley of Cenera, are worthy of admiration and artistic heritage - culture. Step on the city you can not miss the Plaza de Requejo, Casa lasted or the Market.

The Mierense cuisine is based on local produce such as peas, beans and meat, giving birth to such delights as the Pot Mieres, chorizo ​​in cider or Pitu de caleya, or great tasting desserts as passerines or Tips Mieres supreme donuts, all advisable water it with the world famous Galician cider.

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