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Huarte is a village located only 5km from Pamplona, ​​only separated from the capital navarresa the bed of the river Arga . Strategically located , this resort offers a convenient proximity to both Pamplona as many natural places like Mount Miravalles, or Roncal Valley Irati jungle . Of course it is noteworthy that the town is mandatory stop for pilgrims during the Camino de Santiago.

Huarte is known for medieval architecture if you include the Palacio de Ezpeleta and Valuerrota mill . More recent is the construction of the City of Huarte and modern contemporary art center .

Huarte 's cuisine notable for its vegetables, other than by navarresa food dishes made ​​with cod , garlic, tomato and pepper. Most of the population típocos dishes and taste are forced calderete the chilindrón , lamb and dish, stuffed or " vegetable sausage " made with egg.

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    Iriguibel Sercotel Hotel

    Intxaurdia 4 - Huarte

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