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In the old tracks are kept alive the history of Ponferrada, discover them and get into the narrow streets. In the upper part of the city presides over the majestic silhouette of the Castle of the Templars , a small fort that was originally fort and later Roman citadel. Historic and Artistic National Monument in 1924. The Real Jail, today Bierzo Museum, offers a walk through history, from the remotest to the nearest.

Ponferrada cuisine you will enjoy all the senses with flavors, textures and authentic flavors. indigenous Products as the pippin apple, pear conference, Bierzo pepper, cherries, sour cherries and wines with DO Bierzo, arising from a land bathed in a very special atmosphere, which nourish the cuisines of the region. Walnut and chestnut, with excellent nuts, also provide a honey to sweeten our dishes. The kitchen also has berciana premium quality meats, game, pork and beef. In Ponferrada, and the Bierzo in general, enjoy a traditional cuisine but also innovative, enriched with products of nearby areas such as corned Lion, the sausage, cheese Valdeón.

One of the most typical festivals of Ponferrada is Templar Night , the recreation of a medieval fantastic event. In the light of the first full moon of summer, the Master of the Order of the Knights Templar, returns to the city of the Iron Bridge to seal a pact with her eternal friendship and give custody of the symbols found in the holy land of Jerusalem, the sacred Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Music, fireworks, street entertainment and food tasting Night Templar make one of the liveliest of the summer holidays ponferradino.

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Autopista A-6 Km 390, ÁREA DE SERVICIO PONFERRADA - Ponferrada

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