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Monreal del Campobelongs to the Shire of Jiloca and is located west of the province, in the headwaters of Jiloca, near the border with the province of Guadalajara. A total distance of 55 kilometers between Monreal of the provincial capital, Teruel. Throughout history, the city of Monrealewas employed as a frontier and vital for restocking Jiloca Valley. The progress of the centuries and all the vicissitudes of time have turned the city into what is now an area of booming industry.

In the visit to this town Teruel include the old part of town which houses the buildings of great interest: mansions, church and castle, with required visit to the Museum Monograph Saffron collecting 150 pieces that allow visitors to know in detail everything related to the culture well known in this land: the saffron plant.

Binding step is also visiting Monreal Eyes is one of the largest wetlands and ground water discharge to springs resulting interconnected in a rose, to which the zone, are known Eye, due to the way they present. These are the natural birth Jiloca.Debido River to its height and climatology, Monreal has all the conditions for the preparation and curing of meat products. Emphasizes the "Monreal Sausage" and ham and saffron (high quality for its taste and color).

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    Autopista A-23 Km 165, ÁREA DE SERVICIO MONREAL DEL CAMPO - Monreal del Campo

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