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Toledo is a synonym of medieval history and, for that reason, it’s considered "the city of the three cultures" thanks to the traces left by the Christians, Arabs, and Jews. Come and discover this wonderful city’s streets and avenues surrounded by art. Walking through its corners and observing its emblematic buildings will be an interesting trip to the Middle Ages.

If you want to discover this charming city, book with Sercotel Hotels at any of our hotels in Toledo, Spain. Don’t wait any longer and come enjoy all the amenities and personalized attention we have to offer you.

What should I visit in Toledo?

Toledo has everything you need to spend a fun and interesting holiday; from mosques, museums, churches, markets, bridges to a beautiful fortress. If you are travelling by car, we recommend you stay at any of our hotels in Toledo with parking, conveniently located five minutes away from the city centre.

Most of Toledo’s architectural gems can be found in the historical city centre. On the highest point of the city you can find the Alcázar, an old Roman palace that has an Army Museum, an auditorium, a library and a cafeteria. We recommend you take some pictures of the amazing views of the city and afterward visit the Cathedral of Santa María. This area is surrounded by many crafting shops where it’s easy to buy typical products like ceramics, leather, embroidery and even swords.

We recommend you take a tour through the Jewish area; it’s full of narrow streets that cross the centre of Toledo and is a magical place where many legends and novels have been filmed. As you can see, the best way to soak up the history of Toledo is to stroll through its streets and neighbourhoods like the Montichel, Caleros or Alacava. We recommend you visit the interior of some of the most characteristic synagogues and churches like Santo Tomé; where the famous masterpiece "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz" by El Greco was found.

Whether you want to rest from your business trip or you want to spend a day with your family and pets; we recommend you book with Sercotel Hotels at our pet-friendly hotel in Toledo. Enjoy your holiday with everyone you love!

Discover Toledo’s special bridges and doors

This city still has many remains of its Roman fortification period. It will be very interesting to spend some time discovering these spectacular and unique arched structures like the Puerta Bisagra, Puerta de Alarcones, Puerta de Alcántara, Puerta de Valmardón, Puerta de Alfonso VI, Puerta de Los Doce Cantos, Puerta de Cambrón or Puerta del Sol.

You should definitely take the time to visit Toledo’s bridges, specifically the one in Alcántara and the one in San Martín.

Do you want to discover Toledo’s gastronomy and magical routes?

Toledo is a thousand-year-old city with many legends and stories that you will love to discover. We suggest you take a walk through its enchanting buildings or an underground tour and discover Toledo’s transformation at night.

Discover Toledo’s nightlife while you dance and enjoy live music at any of the bars in the city centre. We also recommend you try some of the most typical dishes that are cooked daily, like the partridge stews, gazpacho manchego (a cold soup of raw blended vegetables), cochifrito (fried pork), caldereta (lamb with tomato and red pepper sauce), crumbs, porridge, tortilla a la manchega (omelette) and many other gastronomic delights.

If you come by car, we recommend you book with Sercotel Hotels at any of our conveniently located hotels near Toledo, Spain. Visit the secret underground places of the witches or the famous streets where the Knights would hold their secret meetings. Make your reservation now and enjoy!

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We have 3 hotels for you in Toledo

  • Toledo (3 hoteles)
  • Sercotel Hotel Pintor el Greco
  • Toledo Renacimiento Sercotel
  • Sercotel Alfonso VI
  • Sercotel Hotels Highlighted in Toledo

    Sercotel Hotel Pintor el Greco

    Alamillos del Tránsito, 13 - Toledo

    8.9 Excellent
    Hotel Pintor el Greco - Premium room with a cave

    From 93.79 EUR

    Toledo Renacimiento Sercotel

    Calle Marqués de Mendigorría, 8, 10 - Toledo

    Destinos Ciudad - Sercotel Hotels

    From 57.024 EUR

    Sercotel Alfonso VI

    Cuesta de los Capuchinos, 2 45001 - Toledo

    Views of Toledo

    From 50.0 EUR

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